Training Schools

INTIMATE co-sponsored training school "The Dynamics of the last Deglaciation"
August 19th-31st 2013, Nyksund, VesterĂ¥len Islands, Norway.

The main focus of this year's course was the understanding of the basic principles and dynamics of the last deglaciation as observed in paleoclimate archives (marine, terrestrial and ice cores). Topics included

  • atmospheric dynamics and impact of changing ice topography
  • ocean dynamics and impact of melting ice sheets
  • models of the deglaciation and importance of radiative forcing
  • paleoceanography and proxies of deglacial ocean climate and circulation
  • terrestrial paleoclimate and archives of deglacial climate change
  • ice cores and proxies of deglacial climate

Detailed information is available online at:

In the 2013 version of the course, 12 participants where supported by INTIMATE.

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